What are Spot Checks™?

Key issues facing the Village and its taxing bodies, “broken down, written up and sent fresh to you.” Quick reads, complicated issues summed up, and lots of links in case you want to pour yourself a second cup of coffee and dive deep. Non-political, non-partisan. No need.

Why Spot Checks™?

We're curious. And interested in all things Winnetka. Thought you might be, too. Also thought you might not need any more one-sided reporting clogging your inbox - or appreciate anybody trying to make up your mind for you. Like us.

We Have Standards.

Bad news is, well, bad news. So...

  • We don't use any source that's not already in the public domain. We use only trusted sources. Usually a ".gov" or ".org."

  • We don't use any Village source that's not already published by the Village of Winnetka (i.e. Agenda Reports, Special Reports, Consultants Reports, Village Ordinance, Village Code, Comprehensive Plan, Design Guidelines, posted videos, etc.), District 36, or any of the other taxing bodies we cover. No rumor, no innuendo, no secret handshake or high-sign. And no shill.

  • We use quote marks when it's a quote. And we don't when it's not.

  • We link to all of our information, and when the links break, we expect you to tell us.

We're Obsessed with Getting it Right.

It can take 40 hours or more to research and distill a Spot Check down to the :30 read in your inbox. What are we doing all that time? Fact gathering, fact checking, and keeping an eye out for "bias creep."

Smart people, correct information, powerful enough. When just as many people tell us we're "pro" as "against" an issue, (and they do!) we've done our job.

Want to get the most out of Spot Checks™? Check out our Spot Checks Tip Sheet.