Vicki Apatoff - Executive Director, Editor

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Cred: Hadley Institute, the Music Institute, Volunteer Center, New Trier Parent's Association, Winnetka Community House, Winnetka Caucus Council, Garden Guild of Winnetka.

Since she moved to Winnetka in 2000, Vicki's made her reputation as someone you could count on to get the job done.  

"I've lived in a lot of places. The one thing I've learned is that the best communities are the ones where residents get involved and want to make their town the best place it can be. You pay a lot in taxes - the very least you can do is be informed about what is happening in the Village and where your money is going. That's what we hope we're doing with our Spot Checks."

Jan Bawden - Editor-in-Chief

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Cred: Plan Commission, Environmental Forestry Commission, Winnetka Caucus Council, Erika's Lighthouse, New Trier Rowing Club, Crow Island PTO.

This former Michigan Avenue ad executive moved to Winnetka in 1994. "We'd come from Evanston where it was all hands on deck, so getting involved with village government was natural."  

As a Plan Commissioner, she learned how complex issues can be. "The goal of our Spot Checks is to unpack these issues and add context so that our readers know, know how, and know why. No other publication has the ability to deliver this which is why our Spot Checks have become must-reads for engaged Winnetkans."

Kim Handler - Social Media Director, Content, Editor

Cred: Zoning Board of Appeals, former Caucus Council Chair, PTO, church rummage sales, North Shore Board of the Northwestern University Settlement House, What Women Want!!! Benefit, Winnetka Sidewalk Sale.

Three decades, three houses, three children, three schools, three dogs….but only one home—Winnetka. Kim and her husband moved to Winnetka 30 years ago and their family has fully enjoyed every aspect of life in our village. While her professional life as a financial executive has been demanding, she's never lost sight of the concerns of her friends and neighbors.

“Our residents are smart, savvy and know what matters to them, but sometimes it’s difficult to wade through all the information to get the facts, develop one’s own opinion and then weigh in on important issues facing our village. I hope Spot Checks help our residents continue the long tradition of informed community involvement in our Village government."

Anne Wilder - Director of Research and Content, Editor

Cred: Caucus Council Executive Board, Environmental and Forestry Commission, Counseling Center of the North Shore, The Winnetka Club, Garden Guild of Winnetka, Winnetka Thrift Shop. 

A 20-year resident of Winnetka, Anne believes that involved residents definitely make for a more effective democracy. She recognizes that getting involved requires knowing and learning the issues and where to get information about them.

"Most residents are juggling so many issues in their lives, it can be hard for them to prioritize. If an issue can be researched, distilled and presented in a way that is easily and quickly absorbed, it is easier to get and stay involved in the things that ultimately matter to them. This is the goal of Spot Checks."