YourWinnetka Launches Spot Checks to Much Acclaim

Chicago Tribune/Winnetka Talk

by Community Contributor YourWinnetka • September 28, 2016 

The group that brought you the campaign of Holland, Lanphier & Rintz for Village Trustee wants you to "Get smart, stay smart and make good decisions" about all things Village Hall. They hope to help you do just that with their latest initiative, Spot Checks. more...

'YourWinnetka' Writers Stand Up

Daily North Shore

by Emily Spectre • September 28, 2016 

WINNETKA – The authors behind the YourWinnetka email campaign revealed their identities in a press release on Sept. 28 as Vicki Apatoff, Jan Bawden and Kim Handler.

Many Winnetka residents recently began receiving anonymous emails from the organization and have been wondering who is behind them. The emails address key issues in the village such as stormwater and One Winnetka.  more...